Careana is a young project from Infinite Visions GmbH based in Switzerland. We have many years of experience in the areas of product sourcing, product development and distribution. Thanks to our broad network and our supply chain know-how, we are able to provide individual solutions for companies. Our offer is a balance between quality, sustainability and price efficiency.



















As a company, we have a great responsibility towards society, customers and the environment. We always strive to meet this responsibility in the best possible way. When developing our products, we pay particular attention to quality and sustainability, and we are constantly working on improving our internal processes. We are currently developing a donation system that should help minimize the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been rampant since the beginning of 2020. Current information can be found in the news section on our website.



Careana sells high quality products in the health sector. Our main tasks include development, procurement, testing and sales. We offer our customers the highest level of quality, flexibility and efficiency. You can find our current range, which we are constantly expanding, in the “Products” section of our website. Couldn’t find the product you want? From alternative packaging and branding options to completely in-house products, we would be happy to discuss an individual solution with you.

























Careana was created as a project by Infinite Visions GmbH as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been rampant since the beginning of 2020. The rapid spread of the coronavirus has created a global health care gap. Our vision is to use our know-how to contribute to closing this gap. Unfortunately, the world was almost unprepared for the pandemic, which led to a hectic pace and quality deficiencies on the procurement market. To this day, products are sometimes offered that are inadequate, insufficiently certified or even fake. We have made it our business to build up a transparent and high-quality range that makes a lasting contribution to combating the pandemic. In addition to expanding our product range, we are currently working on a donation project that should benefit the general public. In addition, in the news area on our website, we continuously report on current events with the aim of sensitizing the population.